• Height 5'11"
  • Waist 32
  • Inseam 32
  • Shoe 10.5

As someone who has done countless¬†promotional¬†events over the years through many¬†agencies, I can honestly say that it is different with ENVE, and they are the only promotional agency I work with now. I am so impressed by the professionalism and organization of Rebecca Sanchez. She always has me well prepared for each event with product knowledge and any supplies, which is so important. Whether the gig is on the trade show floor, or in a bar or retail location, I’ve always had a good time! When she sets you up for a successful event, you are confident with the brand material and fully prepared for anything, it allows you to also enjoy the work, which is so nice. The promotional rates are the highest I’ve had, and ENVE pays promptly, which is actually quite rare among other agencies!