ENVE [en-­vee] noun;

The electrifying promotional model agency that’s going to make sparks at your next event and take your brand experience to the next level. (see also: the best move you’ve ever made)

Boutique [boo-­teek] noun;

A small, exclusive shop with the expertise and personal attention to really take care of you. (see also: elite, selective, nimble and killin’ it)

Professional [pruh-­fesh-­uh-­nl] adj;

Punctual, prepared, perfectionist models, hand-selected and carefully trained to captivate your audience and rock your event. (see also: ENVE’s talent roster)

Leadership Starts with Experience

Photo of Rebecca Sanchez, model and owner of ENVE Models

Meet Rebecca -­ the model with a model agency

ENVE Models was born from a desire to create a more rewarding event experience for brands, guests and the models helping bring them to life.

A former model with over a decade of experience, CEO Rebecca Sanchez knows the live event scene inside and out and is uniquely tuned into the needs of both her models and her clients. We are proud to be a boutique agency with an impressive, but exclusive roster of talent, and a real relationship with clients. Trade shows and live events are a huge investment for your business, that’s why all ENVE models have been personally interviewed and trained by Rebecca and are held to the highest standards of professionalism. When you book with ENVE, you can be sure you will have the right models for the job.

With a carefully curated team of models and brand ambassadors so professional, attentive and passionate, your next event is sure to make an impact and leave your competition green with envy.

I have worked with Enve Models for the past 12+ years and will continue to utilize the ENVE team to promote my brands.

Rebecca’s execution of promotions and trade shows are at the highest level. What separates her team from other competitors is the training, flawless execution and professionalism her team exhibits when they are representing brands. Rebecca and the ENVE team display a great sense of pride in the bands that they are representing.

What I also value is the tracking and feedback that comes from each event. She delivers it in a detailed presentation which allows for easy analysis.

Frank Sacca - Wyoming Whiskey

Our ENVE-­able Services

Maximize the impact of your next event and leave a lasting impression with our team of enthusiastic, engaging and unforgettable promotional models and staff. With an incredible roster of charming and charismatic models, ENVE Models are the spark your brand needs at your next event.

Enlist ENVE to represent your brand at:

  • Tradeshows
  • Festivals & Special Events
  • Private Parties
  • Corporate Functions & Outings
  • On or Off Premise Samplings
  • and more…
Photo of five models working for ENVE Models